• Halal meat cannot be labeled 'organic,' ECJ rules
  • Lancashire council bans schools from serving pupils non-stunned halal meat
  • Non-Muslim farmers sent 'hate' messages after halal move
  • Belgian region bans halal and kosher
  • Brazil meat-packing giants 'exported rotten beef'
  • Blackburn to get HALAL Nandos - revealed days after town hit by damning segregation report
  • Halal certification 'creates more value than it costs', says peak food body
  • Government planning to repeal animal welfare codes
  • Aldi’s been serving halal meat that contains pork
  • Halal industry condemns slaughterhouse animal ‘cruelty’
  • Switzerland: ‘Halal’ Butcher Sold Pork to Muslim Customers For 3 Years
  • Vets step up campaign against non-stun slaughter
  • Religious slaughter of animals to produce halal and kosher meat should be banned
  • Denmark to ban halal and kosher slaughter methods
  • Meeting For Authenticity & Transperency Of Halal Food
  • Poland to reintroduce kosher, halal slaughter methods
  • Birmingham City Council discovers pork protein in Halal product
  • Pork DNA in halal sausages at Westminster primary school

Our Mission

To Inform The Muslims Community Of The Importance Of Eating Halal Meat.

To Work With Organisations and Establish A Better Working Practice And Animal Welfare.


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Meat Halal

"I believe that the Dhaba method of slaughter is an essential element of religious life for Muslims in Britain and should be protected by the government."

In light of recent proposal by the UK Government to ban the Muslim method of Slaughtering we are calling on the Muslims of the UK to join forces with community leaders and active members to actively oppose the proposals threatening the future of Halal meat and chicken in the UK. Simply fill in the form on the right and press 'Submit' and we will deliver it to The Prime Minister in Downing Street.

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